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We deliver health benefits with “PURE” intentions. When Pure Benefits of Michigan, LLC advocates for our clients and members, we all benefit. Pure Benefits of Michigan, LLC is a trusted and transparent benefit firm. Our clients and members best interest is our first priority. We want to be our clients’ first fiduciary and we consider our clients an extension of our family. Our goal is to be remembered as a blessing when it comes to navigating the complexities of the American health care system.  Living “PURE” is our way of life.

We help bridge the “Gaps in Care”

What could be worse than going through a challenge in life where you, an employee, or a loved one is struggling with a health condition at the same time?  Trying to navigate and learn the American healthcare system during any difficult time is not pleasant.  The “PURE” difference is that we are redefining how healthcare is delivered. It’s much more than an open enrollment meeting or just winning the business. We help support members and clients with health decisions and direct them to the right facility, at the right time, for the right care and even the right price!  This may seem like a normal expectation, however statistically this kind of attention to detail only occurs about 1% of the time in the traditional healthcare setting.

  • We’ve experienced medical issues ourselves – We get it!  We work in healthcare, so we understand the unnecessary complexities everyone faces.
  • We offer higher-touch care service for all members and employees.
  • We offer patient advocacy programs such as case management, medical management for chronic conditions, and disease management to remove frustrations and empower employees.
  • We offer guidance through our doctors and nurses with all injuries or illnesses, which is particularly important when life is already busy and difficult.
  • We offer free second opinions.
  • We are only a phone call away to help you and your employees get the help you deserve!

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We serve our clients by managing and administering their health benefits package through a “PURE” Healthcare supply chain. We believe healthcare should be transparent, affordable and provide quality health outcomes to all employees. We strive to become change-agents for all employer groups we serve, by directly impacting their bottom line and enriching their benefit package at the same time. 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To educate our clients and members of current trends occurring in the healthcare industry, challenge the “status-quo,” and deliver the highest quality healthcare benefits with transparency and fair pricing. Through this mission, overall health benefit packages become more attractive thereby retaining employee talent. 

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

To provide light in a dark industry; a world where employees have a trusted fiduciary leader delivering the purest healthcare supply chain to meet all health benefit program administration needs.


Proudly supporting these charitable organizations:
Life Outreach International / CBC Church / Salvation Army / Habitat for Humanity /
Special Projects – Single “Moms” /CRI